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Welcome to Dorian B. Lasaine & Associates 

Keeping you informed while we are protecting & enforcing your rights is what we do best! Dorian B. LaSaine & Associates are licensed in New York and Illinois and are proud to represent the citizens of Peoria and the surrounding areas.


We specialize in criminal defense. We are available for trials throughout Central Illinois. We also do divorce and family law and we are available for debt collection.


We are accessible and are available to answer all of your questions. Call us today and see how Dorian B. LaSaine & Associates can help you with your legal problems.  

  1. Protecting & Enforcing Your Rights!

  2. Dorian B. LaSaine & Associates
  3. Peoria, Illinois
  4. Phone: 309-674-6331


  • Litigation & Trial
  • Federal & State